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The 2009 edition of the event will take place on the weekend of June 13 and 14.

The first part will take place during the afternoon of Saturday the 13th, with the race starting  at 3 PM in Firenzuola, where the drivers will make return after having passed through Peglio, Raticosa, Pietramala, La Selva, Passo della Futa, Castro S. Martino, Cornacchiaia, and again La Selva, La Casetta, and Pagliana. The course will be around 65 km in length with two special stages: from Firenzuola to Raticosa and then from the Passo della Futa to La Traversa, which will be approximately 35 km in length combined.  

The second part of the event will take place on Sunday morning, starting at around 11 in Firenzuola. The 60 km course will consist of two laps of the old Mugello Road Circuit, and will include six special stages. Both parts of the event, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, will be identical for the Rally and Regolarità Sport categories.  


Special Stages km. 95
Trasfers km. 105
Total km. 200


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